Screen Printing


Standard Plastisol

The most common ink for screen printed shirts, plastisol gives bright, consistent color on light and dark garments. We use a modern ink system that can be customized with bases and additives to create everything from softhand inks to thick athletic inks. Pantone color matching is available.


We have metallic shimmer inks in stock in gold and silver to add shine to your print. They can be used alone or alongside other plastisol colors. Contact us for more samples.



We can add a distressed texture to any artwork before we print, which is a great way to give a vintage look to the print. We often use this art style in combination with softhand ink to recreate the feel and look of a well worn shirt.

Four-color process

Using transparent Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black inks on white or natural shirts, we can print full color images with just 4 screens. We are experienced with the special requirements of process printing that otherwise make it more difficult than standard printing. This process has a higher minimum of 36 pieces.

Simulated 4 Cp Sml

Simulated Process

On color or dark shirts, four color process is not an option because of the transparency of the ink. Instead we are able to use opaque inks and halftones to simulate the broad color ranges of process printing while keeping the final print bright.


The discharge process removes the dyes in the cotton instead of laying ink over the fabric. Discharge by itself gives an off white or natural cotton color print with little to no feel after an initial washing. Softhand ink can be printed over to add color as well. Because of variances in the undyed cotton, exact color matches are not available.



To really create unified branding in your shirts, try tagless printing. We remove the shirt tag and print a one color design inside the shirt with your brand and the shirt size. We are familiar with which blank garments work best and what information is legally required on each print.

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Heat Press


Names & Numbering

We carry a broad range of vinyl colors in stock and we custom cut names and numbers in house. We can cut numbers in almost any style, including traditional block styles or even matching the typeface used on the front print.


A look that can't be replicated with ink alone, foil is heat pressed over a screen printed adhesive ink. The heat attaches the foil to the print leaving a smooth, glossy metallic shine.



For maximum sparkle we think glitter vinyl can't be topped. Silver is our most popular whether it is used alone or as an accent to a screen printed design. Ask us what other colors we have in stock or available for special order.

Tagless Transfers

In addition to direct screen printing tagless labels, we can heat press custom transfers depending on which process is better for your specific job. Athletic and performance styles usually benefit from the transfer process.


One of a Kind

Do you need just one printed shirt? The most cost effective way is to use custom cut vinyl. We can heat press one or two color designs with no minimums.

Rush Services

Standard Rush

If you need an order faster than our normal turnaround, rush services are an option. If you think you may need a rush order, call us now to get started. We will walk you through which garment styles are available locally or from nearby warehouses. Most rush jobs require work after normal shop hours or on weekends, so additional charges apply.

Hot Market Printing

Championship shirts can be scheduled in advance but can't be printed until your team actually wins. Hot market printing requires organization, production capacity, and a skilled workforce, which we are able to provide.

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Other Services

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Whether you need artwork created from scratch or a rough image cleaned up and prepared for print(,?) we have designers on staff to help. We have experience making shirt designs that transfer well from computer screen to finished garment, designed to be worn and seen.

We design with the end product in mind so your artwork looks at home on cotton, paper, or signage. We can tailor a single branding across different print media with the goal of creating a unified user experience. 

New projects begin with a discovery meeting to understand each job's particular requirements. Contact us today to schedule yours.

Live Screen Printing

We can bring the screen printing shop to you! On site printing or event screen printing is a unique way to make your event stand out. Watching our crew print shirts on the spot is entertaining and educational. It takes the pressure off of ordering the wrong sizes or having leftover inventory, and the interest it generates creates extra demand. And it's fun!

We have dedicated portable equipment to make setup quick in a compact footprint. Live screen printing is a great choice for grand openings, fundraisers, product releases, and festivals. We can set up with a mobile card reader for public events or the shirts can be prepaid and redeemed with your guests admission ticket for private events.

We bring the blank shirts, a tabletop press and dryer, prepared screens, and supplies. All we need is a standard electrical outlet!

Brand Consultation

If you are launching a new brand or refreshing an old one we can help. We can guide you through picking blank garments, artwork styles, print methods, relabeling, and finishing services such as tagging and folding.

Contract Printing

Please email us if you are interested in contract printing services.

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